Duo précieux – Luxurious duet

Vous avez chaud? Rassurez-vous, il fera frais de nouveau d’ici quelque temps – juste le temps pour vous de préparer votre Duo précieux pour réchauffer votre cou et vos poignets!

How’s the weather? Hot? Don’t worry, if you don’t live in the tropics, it will soon cool down again. In the meantime, you will have the time to prepare a Luxurious Duet to warm your neck and wrists.

Ce duo, composé d’un col moebius et de manchettes dentelles, est expliqué dans la dernière fiche d’EclatDuSoleil/Hélène Marcy.

This duet, played by a moebius cowl and lace wristlets, is fully explained in the new pattern from EclatDuSoleil/Hélène Marcy.

Les manchettes sont parfaites pour des petits cadeaux vite faits et le col enveloppera votre cou ou celui de quelqu’un que vous aimez bien. L’ensemble donnera une note sophistiquée et féminine à toutes vos tenues.

The wristlets make perfect little gifts that are quick to make, and the cowl will warm your neck or the neck of someone you like a lot. Both accessories will give a sophisticated and feminin air to any outfit.

Hélène a réalisé cet ensemble dans le superbe fil soie et baby camel. Entre la matière sublime et le raffinement des points, ces accessoires sont pratiquement à classer dans la catégorie « bijoux »!

Hélène worked the set in the beautiful silk and baby camel yarn. The magnificence of the fiber and the refinement of the stitch patterns almost make me want to put these in the « jewelry » category!

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6 réponses sur “Duo précieux – Luxurious duet”

  1. This is beautiful. However, I think this would be a challenge for me. I have not done much delicate work. The most complicated is some simple tapestry crochet and a dense doily with simple sc, hdc and dc (US). Before starting the project with the proper silk and baby camel, should I try to make a swatch with other similar weight yarn I have? I realize that I may start, unravel, and start again and that this may ruin the good yarn. Please advise. Thanks.

    1. When trying out a new skill, working a pattern that seems advanced, or testing an unknown technique, it’s always a good idea to swatch. I always use simple yarn for this. When I feel I’ve understood and feel comfortable, I « graduate » to better yarn!

  2. I have all the supplies to try this and I have the pattern. Please advise me on gauge. I am familiar with the moebius form and it seems that the circumference is 100 links which is 130cm. So should I try to get 10 links per 13cm on my swatch?

    1. I think it’s better to work a row or two before measuring – things happen with gauge when you start to work in pattern!
      You could try making a swatch with 10 links and work a couple of rows. If it measures 13 cm, or somewhere in the vicinity, you can feel confident that your gauge matches.
      Please note that gauge isn’t crucial for this pattern. Your moebius will be very wearable even if it’s a bit shorter or longer.
      The most important thing is that you like the fabric you’re obtaining.
      Good luck!

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